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21 2007-12-07 14:28 traveler

I posted a couple comments on Traveler (University of Arkansas student newspaper) articles. I got a little mean in the second one.

Trophy's credibility on the line this season more than ever before

Here's a fair comparison of the rushing game of the two players: against shared SEC opponents (Auburn, Kentucky, LSU, Mississippi, South Carolina, Tennessee) Tebow had 12 TD runs for a total of 56 yards (7, 5, 9, 6, 2, 9, 2, 5, 1, 3, 2, 5) while McFadden had five TD runs for a total of 234 yards (56, 80, 16, 73, 9). Put that in yards per TD carry and it's 4.7 for Tebow, 47 for McFadden.

Tebow had 511 attempts to pass or rush (317+194) on the season, McFadden had 315 (304+11, not counting receiving).


UA residents vote against tobacco ban

"It should be noted that research shows that tobacco smoke only affects your health if you are less than 18 inches away from the smoker. You really shouldn't be that close to anyone."

Whatever hat you pulled that tidbit out of, it's a ludicrous oversimplification. The effects of smoke have little to do with distance from the source of the smoke, but rather the concentration of toxins and duration of exposure.

Twenty-five feet is usually not far enough. The old policy causes everyone to have to run a gauntlet of smokers and toxins at every building entry.

The situation is exacerbated during stable atmospheric conditions, when smoke doesn't readily float or blow away, and concentrations just build up in one spot. It's especially bad at recessed entryways (such as at Bell Engineering Center) or those with awnings. A smoker may be 25 feet from the door but still be inside the entryway, where smoke collects almost as if in a balloon.

The question is not how far from buildings is far enough, it's how far from buildings and sidewalks, without being upwind of them. Otherwise, smoke is still forced upon us all, only farther from the classroom. Clearly the only way to accomodate people who wish to inhale smoke on campus while not infringing on the free breathing of everyone else is to have designated smoking areas that are out of the way of most foot traffic.

As irksome as this must be for the former group, it's understandable why an official charged with optimizing the university's collective health would decide against going out of her way and spending money to enable smokers to continue to pollute the grounds of a public institution.

In practice, of course, we can't afford to make smokers unhappy, because there are still several of them. That consideration would seem to justify having us all foot a share of the bill for the construction of some sheltered, designated smoking areas, however irksome the idea might be to some non-smokers. I'm okay with that; that's the way things are. (It's better than having partiers' cab fares extorted from us with the implication that if we didn't provide their safe ride, they might choose to drive drunk and kill somebody...)

It's pretty crazy when you think about it. If I stood around outside a classroom building or the football stadium with a smoldering roll of tar or styrofoam or benzene-soaked paper or just about anything, wafting a cloud of carcinogenic fumes over bystanders, it wouldn't take long for me to be arrested, maybe charged with assault or terrorism of some kind.

Unless it's tobacco, because we are all used to that. So used to it that to some readers I probably sound quite extreme and radical in just pointing it out.

It's the year 2007, folks. Nobody should be smoking anymore. But if they choose to, they certainly shouldn't foist it upon others. The question should not be how much poison is it okay to expose random passersby to, and can we claim that research shows it doesn't affect them as much below a certain level.

1 2004-12-03 10:31 intro

This is my blog. The beginning of it, in fact, and an inauspicious one, perhaps. It's not blasting off; more like lumbering out of the gate. But that's ok. No one but me even knows it exists, and until i create a link to it (or tell someone about it and they create a link) even the search engines won't know it's here.

I do want people to know it's here eventually. That's the point. Maybe after I post at least one entry I'll consider announcing it. Anyway, it is the point, to share with other people. It's not going to be a diary. As i think on what i might write about, some of what's on my mind now doesn't fall into the ready-for-a-public-forum category. Nor do i intend to record all the minutiae of my daily life, because they're less likely to be of any value or interest to you. (though maybe i should be journalling those non-blog categories items in a separate location. i started that a few times but was never consistent and rarely frequent, if that makes sense. probably doesn't without explanation. whatever.)

so, i've implied that what i do intend to include here will be possibly of "value or interest to you". right. but, yes, relatively speaking, that's the goal. now clearly my opinion of the kind of thing that's worth hearing, knowing or pondering differs from others', but whose problem is that? not mine.

on the other hand, i figure that if i keep the bar low enough, mainly with regard to length--but also quality (which in truth costs more time than does length)--of entries, then i'll increase my chances of posting more frequently (or at all).

what i have in mind, once this thing lumbers a bit, is a list of categories under which the entries will fall. some will be philosophizing. maybe even responses to other blogs and their comments. some will be thoughts on making the world a better place (as opposed to just complaining). i intend to include some product reviews.

sometimes i have little mini-soapbox moments, stuff i want people to hear, maybe even stuff i think they should hear. i recall that when several friends started blogs earlier this year, it was mildly spooky in that i had just been thinking for the previous few weeks that i would start a blog for those moments.

though no guru, i'm more web-savvy than the average person, and i could have done this back then with little trouble in a few minutes (which is what i'm doing now). the main reason i didn't start is because i wanted (and still intend) to do it myself from scratch, including some computer programming for automation of various features, and that will take a little bit more time to develop. we'll see how and how much (and when/if) that happens. anyway, i'm already planning ahead for that, in that i've named this file in a way that will be conducive.

for now, just email any comments. i may include them here.