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12 2004-12-15 17:04 firefox full

everybody's been talking about firefox, now that the full version is out. i tried it a while back while it was in beta (0.9.2), but went back to ie. i think i had some trouble with pages not working right, but my most specific complaint is that it doesn't remember active links.

say webpage A has some links and you click one (or use tab and enter on the keyboard), and then you navigate "back" to webpage A (actually any combination of back and forward without clicking any links). in msie the link which you clicked on webpage A is still selected, i.e. "active". (in fact, on some pages the active link will be a different color from unvisited and visited links.)

the main advantage of this is that using the keyboard you can hit tab or shift-tab to go quickly to the next or previous link. but in firefox, when you navigate back, there is no active link; you just start from scratch. (i also see that firefox ignores active link color, though that doesn't bother me.) forgetting the active link is a short-coming that only comes into play once in a while, and only for people who use the keyboard. but it was one problem that led me to use msie for certain things while i was trying out firefox, and contributed to my eventually dropping firefox altogether.

anyway, i just got the new firefox, full release 1.0, and i see they haven't fixed this. of course, it may well be intentional. they did keep firefox pretty streamlined, and maybe they decided not enough people would care to make the feature worthwhile. i'm sure most people haven't noticed, but surely i'm not the only one who has.