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31 2008-10-23 21:30 "Your cruelty reveals everything!"

"Admit it!"

"It's possible, pig... It's conceivable, you miserable vomitous mass."

So awesomely funny that I had to comment, but since Nathan's blog (because that is what it is, admit it, Nathan) doesn't allow comments, I must post the tech support hilarity here.

9 2004-12-12 18:07 tolkien quote

Christmas shopping at Barnes & Noble i just went ahead and bought a paperback of "unfinished tales". it's actually nicer in some ways. it has a couple maps that the library's older hardback didn't have. neither edition had a map of beleriand, though, which is the setting for the first part of the book, so i found one on the web, printed a couple copies, and left one, plus one of númenor (already included in paperback) tucked into the jacket inside the front cover before returning it. anyway, the paperback is also smaller, of course. lighter books are easier to hold while reading. if you're sitting you can rest the book in your lap or on a table, but otherwise (or if your neck dislikes the previous options, you have to hold the weight of the book somehow. (though when lying down i do use a pillow to partially support heavy books, but it's still more effort.)

here's a quote from the first section of the book, when Ulmo, sort of the Poseidon of Middle Earth, is sending a man ("Edain" is the name of a race of men. elves are immortal, and "High Folk of the West" refers to a classification of special elves of whom Turgon is a king.) on an important errand:

..."And what wouldst thou of me, Lord, if I come now to Turgon? For though I am indeed willing to do as my father and stand by that king in his need, yet of little avail shall I be, a mortal man alone, among so many and so valiant of the High Folk of the West."
"If I choose to send thee, Tuor son of Huor, then believe not that thy one sword is not worth the sending. For the valour of the Edain the Elves shall ever remember as the ages lengthen, marvelling that they gave life so freely of which they had on earth so little. But it is not for thy valour only that I send thee, but to bring into the world a hope beyond thy sight, and a light that shall pierce the darkness."