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36 2011-08-17 12:36 Ron Paul rant


thank you, jon stewart. and wtf, "mainstream news media".


any time somebody in washington is willing to talk some sense (and back it with their votes in congress, and btw ron paul is not the first, though he is one of the best in my lifetime), they get discounted because they're out of the mainstream. hello?! the mainstream sucks! freaking party line republicans and democrats digging the hole not just deeper but faster. is ANYBODY still satisfied with the status quo our federal government?

when i voted for ron paul last time around (in the primary, which he didn't win) i had people telling me it's a wasted vote because "he can't win" because he's not mainstream. folks, A.) mainstream sucks, B.) "he can't win" doesn't have to be true; it's a (collectively) self-fulfilling prophecy. all we have to do for it to stop being true is stop saying it.

seriously, people.

just look at what's going on! it's been clear for a long time that real change is needed, and it's become exponentially more clear lately.

WHAT THE HELL IS IT GOING TO TAKE for people to stop the self-fulfilling self-destruction and start voting on principle? voting for principled candidates, not crafty politicians!

PLEASE, folks, please don't be duped into voting for more of the same. Ron Paul may be a "republican" but he is not a party-liner. you can certainly vote for him on principle. heck, at this point, i'd say you can even vote for him pragmatically as the best chance we have of saving this grand experiment.

please, plan to vote, and vote for the best. please look into ron paul.



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