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40 2012-03-10 00:13 Mystery Remote Desktop Problem

Recently I started having a strange problem with Windows 7 Remote Desktop (RDP). It always worked flawlessly before. The past couple weeks it would sometimes work, sometimes not. When it didn't work, it didn't throw out any kind of error message. It wouldn't even get to the authentication screen. The remote desktop client window would just silently close a moment after it appeared. The app on my phone would say "session terminated".

Did a little experimenting trying to narrow down what conditions corresponded to this so as to get at the cause of the problem, but it seemed almost random. So I decided to peruse the related registry entries with an eye for anything promising. Found it pretty quickly.

HKLM\SYSTEM\CurrentControlSet\Control\Terminal Server\ConnectionHandler

Within this were a few numerically named sub-keys, each of which contained a DWord named "fAcceptConnection". All but one had a value of 1. I changed the one that was 0 to 1, and I believe my problem is fixed, except for figuring out how it got set to 0 in the first place and whether it's going to get reset again (and how often)...

UPDATE: Unfortunately I have to report that the above fix did not continue to work, nor have I found a successful fix. It seems to be a security/certificate related problem...


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