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45 2014-12-20 13:01 Best Windows 8 keyboard shortcuts

The most useful Windows 8.1 desktop keyboard shortcuts for me are Winkey+X and Winkey+B

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Winkey + B activates the taskBar. Alternatively, you can first activate the Desktop, which can be done using Winkey + D (this option will also minimize all windows), and then Tab through the areas listed below to the part of the taskbar you want.

Winkey + B first activates the system tray aka notification area.
From there you can tab through in this order:
1. the show/peak at desktop button (lower right corner of taskbar)
2. the Desktop (the desktop will be active whether or not it's visible)
3. the Start Button (hit enter for the start screen, but the start menu cannot be opened by the normal keyboard right-click equivalents of context menu "app" key or shift+F10; you must use winkey+X to access the start menu via keyboard)
4. the taskbar application icons area
5a. keyboard-accessible taskbar toolbars, if any are enabled
5b. back to the system tray again, etc.

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Winkey + X opens the Windows 8.1 miniature start menu, which could also be accessed by right-clicking the "start button" (windows icon at top left of the taskbar, i.e usually the bottom left of screen.

After opening the start menu, you can navigate it with arrow keys or with shortcut keys (in parentheses below). It offers quick access to:
(F) Programs and Features
(B) Mobility Features
(O) Power Options
(V) Event Viewer
(Y) System
(M) Device Manager
(W) Network Connections
(K) Disk Management
(G) Computer Management
(C) Command Prompt (can be replaced by Powershell in taskbar
"Navigation" options)
(A) Command Prompt (Admin) (can be replaced by Powershell in taskbar
"Navigation" options)

(T) Task Manager
(P) Control Panel
(E) File Explorer
(S) Search
(R) Run
(U) Shut down or sign out
(I) Sign out
(H) Hibernate
(U) Shut down
(R) Restart
(D) Desktop


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